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Hand Dancing
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Dance is an art form that presents consistent and intentional human movements of precision in selected sequences. Dancing can be performed with the accompaniment of music and may or may not be performed in time to music and also can be done solo, with a partner or in a group.  The expression can be enjoyed by all ages, regardless of culture. 

The Art of Dance can be traced back to 9,000 years ago in India and has been displayed and enjoyed by humanity since the beginning of time.


BALLET | The term ballet has expanded to encompass works such as neo-classical, modern and contemporary works. It still holds true for a ballet dancer to be stately and regal for classical work, free and lyrical in neo-classical work, and unassuming, harsh or pedestrian for modern and contemporary work. Due to the evolution of dance forms, ballet is no exception and can be be fused with other dance forms, never dismissing the foundation elements of ballet techniques.


HAND | If you heard of Swing, Jitterbug and/or the Lindy Hop, you are familiar with hand dancing.  An American artform; it's origins are traced back to the 1920's and the styles of dance are characterized by gliding footwork and continuous hand connection between the partners.   


HIP-HOP | A broad dance category created in the 1970's from the hip-hop culture derives from such styles as Boogaloo, Breaking, Locking, Popping and has evolved into the Running Man in the 90's and Krumping in the 2000's all cummulating/colliding into multitudes of street dances incorporating marital arts and gymnastics.


JAZZ | Naturally born in the era of Jazz Music in the beginning of the 1900's in New Orleans, Jazz Dance was derived from the slaves of Africa brought to North America.  Jazz Dance included dancing that was performed with the accompaniment of Jazz Music that also consists of the Jitterbug and Tap Dance.  Today Jazz Dance can refer to as a theatrical dance conducted on stage of professionals and also can be called Modern Jazz.

MODERN | Arising primarily out of Germany and the United States in the latter of the 19th  century and the earliest of 20th century is a wide variety of theatrical and western dances, that has welcomed the many contributions of African American dancers both of authentic modern dance or fusions of African and/or Caribbean inspirations.


SALSA | Originating in New York City, Salsa is a social dance with robust influences from Latin America.  Salsa, has incorporated through the years fundamentals of Afro Cuban and Afro Caribbean dances called Guaguanco and Pachanga. 


TAP | As a form of percussion, tap dancing is described as utilizing the sounds of tap shoes with a metal tap on the heel and toe of the shoe to strike the floor.   During the rise of ministrel shows in the middle of the 1800's is when tap dancing is thought to have been created.  Tap dancing is made up of a fusion of several ethnic percussive dances with African tribal dances being the  primary and other roots from Scotland, Ireland, and English clog dancers, hornpipers and jigs. 

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Tap dancing
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